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Young Volunteers

Prevention and Outreach Services

Prevention & Outreach Services provide high schools, colleges, and other organizations with services that address the biological, psychological, and social factors that impact the health of young adults. Services include presentations on the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol misuse, stress management, trends in substance misuse and many more.

Groups and Workshops

Groups and workshops are provided to assist high schools, colleges, and other organizations develop a supportive environment for young adults.

Rise Above the Algorithm

Tap into your unconscious mind & learn how to utilize social media to accomplish your goals. Assess your relationship with social media and thrive along the way. Take back your power in your experience with social media.

What Area of Life Are You Thriving In?

Discover how to unlock your strengths and apply them to all aspects of life! At the end you'll receive tools & resources to get started on a journey of self discovery.

Breaking the Stigma

A weekly group that aims to challenge the stigma of mental health in communities of color in an open and safe space to discuss, learn and be heard. 

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