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Substance Misuse and Recovery Services

Get in touch to find out more about our Substance Misuse and Recovery Services.

Developing, & Maintaining Recovery Plans 

Get support in identifying the people, places, and things that trigger substance use and create a plan to support your recovery goals.

Linkage to Community Support 

BRIDGES will connect you to appropriate recovery resources such as:

LICYPAA/AA/NA/ALANON, THRIVE Recovery Community, Pride For Youth, etc. 

Upon request, our Certified Recovery Support Advocate will accompany you.

Recovery Support Groups 

Meet with peers to discuss struggles, accomplishments, and support each other in recovery. 

Early Intervention (i.e. BASICS and CASICS- Brief Alcohol and Cannabis Screening and Intervention of College Students)

BASICS, CASICS, and Teen Intervene are held at local colleges, high schools, and other organizations for staff, students, and community workers. 

Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) Maintenance 

Referrals for MAT induction available though our partners. BRIDGES offers MAT education and maintenance. 

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